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Welcome to my Gallery!


My name is Roberto Morfin, born in “The Pearl of the Pacific,” Mazatlán, Mexico. Currently, I am living in beautiful San Diego, California, with my three amazing children.

As an artist, I express my creativity through Watercolor Painting, Oil Painting, Bronze Sculpture, Photography and Architecture. Presenting them as Museum Quality Masterpieces that depict the light and mood to its fullest.


Have been lucky to really see, enjoy, and love nature in incredible ways, I want to share that with you through my images, which are filled with the memories, moments, and feelings present in those magical moments.

All my life, I have been in direct contact with nature.


I have lived in a variety of amazing environments, growing up as a child on a ranch with wells, a dam, creeks, and surrounded by farm animals. There I would lay for hours at a time on the dirt, admiring the clouds or observing insects and water drops in the grass and plants near my face as they framed the foreground of my view. Likewise, I would spend my days relaxing on the rocking branches of tamarind, guava, and mango trees, watching the breeze make the leaves dance, smelling the aroma of the ripe fruit in the trees, savoring the flavors of those delicious tropical fruits, feeling the freshness under the shade, and admiring the textures of the bark, the shapes and repetition of the leaf patterns as well as their rich mesmerizing colors.

I then lived two blocks from a tropical warm water beach, which allowed me to surf and swim in the waters of the Pacific Ocean most of my free time. Connected and submerged with the ocean, I got to see perfect giant waves, underwater sea life, got to fully enjoy the sunsets, admire unbelievable cloud formations, and witness the most beautiful lightning bolts traveling from the clouds all the way to the water and ground.

Moved on to living in Minneapolis, where I experienced seven feet of snow on the ground, spending time on the frozen lakes, playing ice hockey at the park every night, experienced the softness and beauty of snowflakes with their indescribable magical shapes, dived into huge piles of snow, walked on breaking ice lakes, 


I’ve also gotten to feel and touch the sky while skydiving.


Nowadays, I stop by the beach often to admire the ocean and feel the sand in my feet as well as enjoying the majestic Californian sunsets that seem as if they are a beautiful painting in front of my eyes. I’ve also been visiting as many National Parks as possible and have been lucky to travel to a few countries abroad for a total of four different continents, allowing me to explore and expand my artwork to depict those amazing places, witnessing the most incredible rainbows, never-ending storms, seen some of the most amazing rock formations, stunning lakes, breathtaking mountains, out of this world valleys, boiling geysers, freestanding volcanoes, flowing rivers, waterfalls running strong with the forces of nature.

The more I see, the more I want others to experience these same moments. I do my best to capture the light, the mood, the beauty, and the feelings of that moment, taking you to that place for you to experience those feelings.

Looking forward to continuing to explore and discover these amazing moments in this beautiful world. I want you to experience the beauty and love of Nature like I do. This is my passion.

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